Post 16 Pathways and Progression

Pathway to Adulthood - Post 16 Options, Training and Employment | Live Well  Cheshire West

All students must stay in education or training until their 18th birthday, you can leave school on the last Friday in June if you'll be 16 by the end of the summer holidays, but you must then choose whether to:

  • stay in full-time education - for example at Stormont House Sixth Form, Full time Sixth Form College, Further Education college or University Technical College (UTC)
  • start an Supported Internship, Apprenticeship or Traineeship
  • spend 20 hours or more a week working or volunteering while also doing part-time education or training

Your local authority has a duty to make sure you are offered a suitable place by the end of Year 11. The discussion about your Post 16 provision will be discussed in your Year 11 Annual Review and your future provision will be named in your updated Education Health and Care (EHC) plan.

Stay in Full Time Education

You can take a range of subjects Post 16, depending on your KS4 results, that lead to qualifications that keep your options open. Qualifications available are GCSE's, A levels, T Levels or BTECs. T Levels and BTECs allow you to focus on a chosen career area like construction, healthcare science or digital careers. Some careers may ask for specific qualifications, so always do some research into where the course you are interested in might lead. Below are some informational links about qualifications for students who chose to stay in full time education:

Combine work and study

You may wish to gain practical skills, get work experience and a qualification that employers need. If you would prefer to have the option to combine work and study Post 16 then below is some information about the different types of practical study programmes:


Talentino Same and Different
Talentino’s #SameAndDifferent model, is the national SEND school career model that allows identification and successful deliverance of career activities that will help young people with SEND prosper.
This concept of ‘same and different’ is something Talentino has thoroughly
developed from their work in all schools. With their model, they hope to develop the
understanding of early career development, and in turn, encourage employers to contribute to the progression of early career development for people with SEND.

As a school we want to understand exactly the young people we are working with as it is the first crucial step in creating positive career possibilities for young people with SEND.

Being aware of the challenges a student may face can allow us to conduct an individual careers approach that incorporates additional time and support when it is needed.


We as a school use the #SameAndDifferent model (please see below) to better understand what our students need and depending on what group the young person falls into, informs what their potential career outcomes could be.