Sixth Form- How Well Do Students Do?

There were twenty students in the sixth form in 2023; one of whom joined us at the start of Year 12. In the three days they study at Stormont House they study Maths, English, Workskills, Duke of Edinburgh, Preparation for Adulthood, Computing and PE. They study for at least two days at a college partner. 
The one year sixth-form programme remains highly effective in its purpose of deepening and
extending students’ portfolio of experiences and accreditation in order to secure progression
matched to their interests, abilities, needs and ambitions

External Quality Assurance of student outcomes by the LA School Improvement Partner during the
2018-2019 quality assurance cycle verified the school’s self-assessment judgement of ‘outstanding’.
The July 2018 Ofsted report stated that; ‘Outcomes for students are excellent. Pupils make strong
progress from their starting points and gain a range of level 1 and level 2 qualifications, including in
English and mathematics.’
Please see the document below for visual evidence of how students achieve in the sixth form.