Our Curriculum Statement

What do we aim to achieve with our curriculum? How do we do this? How do we know it is working?

Our ultimate objectives for our students are for them to

  1. make greater progress with their learning, emotional and social development than they would anywhere else, and for that progress to be indistinguishable from non-disadvantaged peers with similar starting points
  2. have full lives, making increasingly meaningful choices about their futures, and control of their support[1]
  3. be fully ready for the next stage of education, employment, or training, gaining qualifications that allow them to go on to destinations that meet their interests, aspirations, and the intention of their course of study[2].
Please see the tables below or download our curriculum statement to find out more
Pease contact the school via email for further information: info@stormonthouse.hackney.sch.uk

[1] Adapted from https://www.preparingforadulthood.org.uk/about-us/our-work.htm

[2] Adapted from ‘Impact’ in the Education Inspection Framework