Downs Park Road Tunnel Repairs

Downs Park Road will be closed to through traffic from 3rd March to December 2024. Network Rail need to repair the tunnel that passes under Downs Park Rd, Bodney Rd and the corner of our school site.  The repair is overdue and the school has tried to work with Network Rail to reduce the impact on students, parents/ carers and staff.

From Monday 4th March, cars and buses coming to Stormont House School will need to enter Downs Park Road from the West, i.e. from Amhurst Road direction. They will need to leave the same way. There will be no parking between Pembury Road and the school/ Bodney Road, but pedestrians and cyclists will be able to get to school this way until July.

There will be a traffic marshal monitoring access to this part of Downs Park Road, ensuring that only staff, parent/carer, and contractor vehicles can enter.

For parents/carers who drive their child to school, please collect a Parent Pass from the school office, and be sure to display this on your dashboard for the traffic marshal to see.

We appreciate this will be a change to your regular drop-off and collection school run, so we thank you for your patience and understanding.

School staff have still access to the school’s staff car park on 4th and 5th March, but will then need to use the parking bays in Downs Park Rd.

If you have any queries, please contact the school office.

Please refer to the below plan for staff/visitor parking, and parent drop-off and collection.