Pupil Premium Grant and other grants

An Evidence-Informed Strategy for Pupil Premium and other Grants

This page shows how we have used/ plan to use government grants that are designed to reduce gaps in achievement caused by disadvantage, prior attainment and/or the pandemic.  A significant majority of our students (63%) have experienced financial hardship, so our strategy is to use a tiered approach, drawing upon the work of the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF). Evidence suggests that pupil premium spending is most effective when schools target spending across the following 3 areas below but focusing on teaching quality:
  1. Teaching: Schools arrange training and professional development for all their staff to improve the impact of teaching and learning for pupils.
  2. Academic support: Schools should decide on the main issues stopping their pupils from succeeding at school and use the pupil premium to buy extra help.
  3. Wider approaches: This may include non-academic use of the pupil premium e.g. speech and language therapy