Careers Partnerships


SHS have been a Talentino School since 2019, Talentino are an early career development organisation created by senior people from business and education. They work across England in over 300 schools and projects with over 32,000 young people in scope so far.

They created a CEC SEND Strategy having identified the 9 key career challenges, they developed the SEND Gatsby Toolkit and have created several other SEND careers resources which are free to Schools. We as a school have benefited from being a part of a larger SEND Careers Network, having access to a Talentino LEAN Enterprise Co-ordinator, a wide variety of CPD training, access to SEND specific careers resources and invaluable support/challenge in developing a stable career programme & meeting the Gatsby Benchmarks.

Hackney Careers Collaborative

We are a SEND Specialist member of the Hackney Careers Collaborative. The Careers Collaborative is an initiative that aims to ensure statutory duties around careers education information advice and guidance are met or exceeded. It is hosted and coordinated by Hackney Education but supports schools across London through online delivery. As a member of the Careers Collaborative the school have access to:

  • Events: Access to four collaborative events for students
  • Workshops and support: To improve student progression and provide CPD for staff supporting them
  • Careers Network Meetings: Six per annum
  • One to One Support Meetings: Members are offered three individual contact meetings, per annum. These can be used to discuss specific initiatives, address areas of concern or for sharing knowledge
  • Resources: Bespoke resources include weekly careers and apprenticeship newsletters, monthly LMI, a calendar and bi-monthly bulletin to support CPD, careers education and careers guidance
  • Project Coordinator Support: Central coordination of collaborative activities and events, answers to enquiries and requests for bespoke support

The school's Careers Lead uses the information and CPD provided by the collaborative to enhance our schools’ careers offer and make sure we are meeting the 8 Gatsby Benchmarks.

The School Careers Lead is commissioned on behalf of the school to deliver a Vulnerable Groups Newsletter monthly for Collaborative members, which details current careers opportunities, information, and resources. The Careers Lead has in partnership with the Careers Collaborative delivered SEND focussed CPD for all Mainstream Hackney Schools and FE College members. These included: Post 16 SEND Pathways CPD (10.11.2020) and Pathways for SEND students without an EHCP (30.03.2021).

LEAN (London Enterprise Adviser Network)

The London Enterprise Adviser Network (LEAN) connects schools and colleges with employers and entrepreneurs so that all young Londoners are aware of the career pathways and opportunities available to them. Over 500 London schools and colleges are part of the London Enterprise Adviser Network. They are supported by nearly 600 volunteer Enterprise Advisers from different industry sectors and professional backgrounds, be that employed, self-employed or recently retired. This is part of a national network of almost 4,000 schools and colleges across the country. The Network is co-funded by the Careers & Enterprise Company and the Mayor of London. It is delivered by Talentino in special schools and colleges.

Through LEAN the school have gained access to a Talentino Enterprise Co-ordinator  and LEAN Enterprise Adviser. The Careers Lead meets fortnightly with the Enterprise Co-ordinator, who has supported the school by reviewing the school careers programme, providing training for the Careers Lead, signposting local & national initiatives, and supplying useful careers resources/links. The Enterprise Adviser has already linked the school with some new local businesses and organisations, these include - Yarrow Film Studios (Film Workshops), SEND Coffee (possible Work Experience/Workshops) & Beast Magazine (possible internship).

NEW London Careers Hub

The Mayor of London wants every young person growing up in this city to have access to excellent careers education for a great start in life and a successful future. Building on the success of the London Enterprise Adviser Network (LEAN), Careers Hubs will be launched in London in September 2021.

A Careers Hub is a group of secondary schools and colleges in a dedicated area that work together to deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks. Collaborating with business partners, the public, education, and voluntary sectors, they help deliver the Gatsby Benchmarks and improve careers outcomes for young people. 

Stormont have been successful in becoming a part of the Central London Careers Hub, Led by Reed, in September 2021 as part of the first London Careers Hub cohort. This network has replaced LEAN for the school.


Prospects Services deliver impartial Careers Information Advice and Guidance that is independent of the School, thereby meeting the School’s Statutory obligations in accordance with the ‘Education Act 2011’ and ‘The Careers Guidance and access for education and training providers October 2018’. All students have access to a Level 6 SEND Careers Advisor from Prospects through 1-2-1 careers interviews, as well as the schools Prospects Advisor attending parents’ events and Annual Reviews when appropriate.