SEND Information Report

SEND Information Report

Our school is part of the Hackney Local Offer. Please follow the link to find out more about what is available locally and where.

Please download our Information Report to find out more about the range of needs our school is designed to meet, our priorities, and how we are organised

Stormont House is a secondary special school, so all our students have special educational needs and/or disabilities. They also arrive with untapped strengths and talents. It is our mission to address those needs but also to identify and nurture their interests and talents, challenging as well as supporting every student to prepare them for adulthood.  We celebrate the rich diversity of our students, many of whom are neurodiverse and approach interaction in unique way; every one of our students is normal, but not typical.  

Our ultimate objectives for our students are for them to

  1. make greater progress with their learning, emotional and social development than they would anywhere else, and for that progress to be indistinguishable from non-disadvantaged peers with similar starting points
  2. have full lives, making increasingly meaningful choices about their futures, and control of their support[1]
  3. be fully ready for the next stage of education, employment, or training, gaining qualifications that allow them to go on to destinations that meet their interests, aspirations, and the intention of their course of study[2].

Stormont House School is designed to be appropriate for students

  • whose combination of Communication & Interaction[1] needs with Moderate Learning Difficulties would significantly affect their ability to learn, thrive and develop in a secondary mainstream setting
  • who may also present with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health difficulties arising from their learning, communication & interaction needs and/or emotional vulnerability, experience of trauma or other mental health needs
  • who are able to access the National Curriculum, albeit below typical age-related expectations
  • who, with high-quality teaching, can access a curriculum leading to accreditation from Entry Level 2 up to GCSE grades 1-3 (or equivalent)

Although students’ social communication, emotional and social development needs may impact on their behaviour at times, the school is not appropriate for social, emotional, and mental health difficulties or disorders that present an ongoing significant behavioural risk to self or others.

[1] Significant Speech, Language & Communication Needs (60-70%) or a diagnosis of Autism (30-40%)

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[2] Adapted from ‘Impact’ in the Education Inspection Framework