Admissions Information for Parents and Carers
The range of special educational needs that our schools designed to meet is explained in our SEND Information Report.
Because we are a maintained special school for students with Education, Health & Care Plans, all admission and placement decisions are the responsibility of the Local Authority (LA) and will be considered fairly irrespective of the child's SEND or disabilities. Where the school is suitable for the learning & cognition, communication & interaction and any SEMH needs set out in the EHC Plan but a student has  particular medical, sensory or physical needs, the Governors will ensure that reasonable adjustments are made for those needs to be met.  If needs cannot be met by reasonable adjustment, we will ask the authority to review the level of provision. 
The Hackney Education telephone number is (020) 8820 7000
Residents of other boroughs should contact their home Local Authority.
In practice, parents and carers are usually in contact with the LA SEND Team member who will be updating their child's EHC Plan. Please ask your current school SENCo if you are not sure who this is.
How might my child get a place at Stormont House School?
If you live in Hackney and express a preference for Stormont House School,  Hackney Education will send consultation paperwork to the school, including the EHC Plan and most recent Annual Review.  Our advice is to try and make sure that this describes your child's needs and learning as well as possible to someone that has not met them. The most recent school report or printout from their assessment system explaining what your child has learned  in Reading, Writing and Maths is very helpful.
If you do not live in Hackney and express a preference for Stormont House School, your home authority will send  the consultation paperwork to both the school and Hackney Education. 
Please note we are unable to accept any admissions requests directly from Parents/Carers as the Local Authority is responsible for admissions, provision for and placement of children with EHC Plans, and responding to appeals.
Admissions Information for Local Authorities

The range of special educational needs that our schools designed to meet is explained in our SEND Information Report. Please read before consulting with the school for a place.

All consultation paper work should be sent securely to our dedicated Admissions email address so that it can be downloaded, reviewed and responded to confidentially. 

Admissions Contact:

Further information for Local Authorities

  • The range of special educational needs that our school is designed to meet is set out in our SEND Information Report and in the column on the right.
  • The further information the SEND Information Report also sets out information on the attainment range that our curriculum is  designed to meet, taking reasonable adjustment into account. 
  • Pressure on places is high for secondary transfer, resulting in limited opportunities for in-year admissions.
  • Though we recognise that local authorities must consult in accordance with parental preference, recent and accurate information on attainment, progress, social interaction and engagement with learning are needed for a meaningful consultation response.
  • Informal discussion prior to formal consultation is welcome
Who is Stormont House School for?

Stormont House School is designed to be appropriate for students in Years 7-12 (aged 11-17)

  • whose combination of Communication & Interaction[1] needs with Moderate Learning Difficulties would significantly affect their ability to learn, thrive and develop in a secondary mainstream setting
  • who may also present with Social, Emotional, and Mental Health difficulties arising from their learning, communication & interaction needs and/or emotional vulnerability, experience of trauma or other mental health needs
  • who are able to access the National Curriculum, albeit below typical age-related expectations
  • who, with high-quality teaching, can access a curriculum leading to accreditation from Entry Level 2 up to GCSE grades 1-3 (or equivalent)

Although students’ social communication, emotional and social development needs may impact on their behaviour at times, the school is not appropriate for social, emotional, and mental health difficulties or disorders that present an ongoing significant behavioural risk to self or others.

[1] Significant Speech, Language & Communication Needs (60-70%) or a diagnosis of Autism (30-40%)