All students in KS5 continue to build on the skills and qualifications they gained in KS4 working towards accreditation in Functional Skills Entry Level qualifications at Entry level 1, Entry Level 2, or Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2, depending on what outcome they have already achieved in Year 11. This qualification focuses on number, shape and measure with the questions based on situations students might come across in their lives.


Maths lessons work on the four main areas, with an focus on functional maths skills, and working out what maths is needed to answer a particular question. There is a lot of focus on number skills, as well as time and money for the Functional Skills qualification. All students will also do units on shape and space. There is emphasis placed on practicing and developing maths skills that will be useful when they leave us, such as money, time, estimating, and checking answers make sense.


Websites that could be useful for revision: