Charging and Remissions Policy

Charging and Remission Policy

The Governing Body of Stormont House School recognises the valuable contribution that a range of activities, including trips, clubs and residential experiences, can make towards students’ education and experiences. The Governing Body aims to promote and provide such activities both as part of a broad and balanced curriculum for the students of the school and as additional optional activities.


School Residential Journeys

The school will charge for the board and lodging element of approved residential activities plus the cost of meals, refreshments and entrance fees.  Currently there are annual residential journeys for students in years 7 – 10.  

Students in Year 11 do not have a residential trip but instead take part in a range of social activities during their last week of school which parents are asked to contribute towards.  Students in Year 12 take part in the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme, to date we have been able to secure external funding for this.

Activities outside School Hours

The school run a range of school activities (clubs) between 3.30 and 4.30.  Currently there is no charge for students taking part in these clubs.  Students may only attend a club once parents have completed a form giving permission for the student to attend and confirming arrangements for the student being collected or making their way home as an independent traveller.  

Instrument tuition

The school does not offer individual or small group music lessons, all students have the opportunity to join Music Club during lunch time for which there is no charge. 

Charging in Kind

The school make no charge for ingredients or materials used in Food Technology, Art or Design Technology. 

School Property

The Governors reserve the right to charge parents for non-accidental damage to, or loss of, school property.


The Governing Body may, from time to time, amend the categories of activity for which a charge may be made.  Nothing in this policy statement precludes the Governing Body from asking parents to make a Voluntary Contribution towards the cost of additional activities which take place in school time.  Parents may be advised that the continuance of an activity may depend upon voluntary contributions, but once it has been decided to run such an activity no qualifying child will be excluded on the grounds of voluntary contributions.


The Governing Body may wish to remit in full or in part the cost of activities for particular groups of parents, for example, in the case of family hardship. When arranging a chargeable activity parents will be invited to apply in confidence for the remission of charges in full or in part. Authorisation for such remission will be made by the Headteacher.

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