How well do they do after they leave us?

Our innovative Sixth Form study programme is designed to last one year, with sustained ‘after-care’ to ensure that learners’ retention, progress and skill development are supported and tracked in subsequent years. Where students experience difficulties or setbacks, the Sixth Form team intervene rapidly and successfully to support re-engagement with the existing course provider or secure a different individually-tailored pathway. This has been especially important since the pandemic.
The Sixth Form study programme’s effectiveness in developing students’ ability to successfully cope with the challenges of transition to a more adult environment and the expectations of the world of work is evidenced by the retention of almost all students and the systematic progression in levels of courses undertaken. The tables in the documents below show that whatever their starting points, almost all students continue to make sustained and substantial progress during and beyond their time in the Sixth Form.
When Ofsted inspected the school and Sixth Form in July 2018 they identified that “The 16 to 19 provision is outstanding. All students gain qualifications and continue in education, training or employment”. The inspectors also stated that “leaders’ partnership and quality-assurance work with other Sixth-Form providers is exceptional.”