Yr12 visit to The City Centre

17th November 2017

This term Yr12 have been finding out about different work environments and the huge range of jobs and possible careers that are open to them in the future. On Friday 10th November Year 12 students discovered some hidden gems in the oldest part of London – the City - also known as the Square Mile. They went to The City Centre, a venue run by New London Architecture, a company working with the City of London Corporation. Here they found a stunning state of the art model of the City's current and future built environment. They learnt how Architects have to follow strict rules about where new buildings are allowed and what shape they have to be the students took part in a range of fun, creative and thought provoking activities, learning about the important roles of engineers, planners, designers and builders when any building is made. Congratulations to all of the students who took part so positively and also managed a tricky journey on public transport due to diversions!