Year 9 Conquer Edale: an incredible journey of self-discovery

20th May 2016

On Monday 9 May, Year 9 made the four and half hour coach journey to Edale, in the Peak District. It was a very hot day but everyone was in good spirits and excited to be going away for five days. After settling in to our very own Kinder House and having a delicious dinner, we went for a night hike to see incredible views. After the walk one student said it was like being on top of the world!

Over the week Year 9 took part in a range of daring activities around the area; rock climbing, abseiling, raft-building, canoeing, caving, and weaselling (crawling through small spaces in the rocks). While some students  were fearless, others found the heights and depths very scary indeed, but everyone took part and showed they are made of tough stuff. Ms Foster was amazed at the determination walking down in the cave, and Ms Haynes was really proud of her group for jumping off the ‘Leap of Faith’. In the evenings the activities were on site, and everyone tried their hand at archery, problem solving and orienteering. Students showed and developed fantastic team-work and communication skills, and spoke to new people they had not worked with before. The instructors at Edale were so impressed they even said some students should come back one day to work there.

We returned to school on Friday 13th (!) tired but happy. Everyone had such a brilliant time learning and experiencing new things. We couldn’t decide what we would miss more about Edale: the friendly staff, the challenging activities, the beautiful view or the wonderful food!