Year 8 Visit The Ragged School Museum

27th November 2015

The students in Year 8 visited ‘The Ragged School Musuem’ in  Tower Hamlets on Monday 23 November.They were able to take part in a programme developed to provide children with an exciting way of engaging their young minds with history, and of encouraging them to use their imaginations and powers of creative thinking.


The students were able to take part in a session where they could roleplay and handle objects from the Victorian era,they explored and discovered what life would have been like for children their age in Victorian times.

The Ragged School Museum is housed in a group of three canalside buildings which once formed the largest “ragged” or free school in London.


In 1877 Thomas Barnardo opened the Copperfield Road Free School and for the next thirty-one years educated tens of thousands of children. It closed in 1908 by which time enough government schools had opened in the area to serve the needs of local families.


In 1980 the building was threatened with demolition, a group of local people got together to save the building and reclaim their unique heritage.The Ragged School Museum Trust was set up and the museum opened in 1990. The building houses a Victorian classroom and an East End kitchen from the 1900’s.

Our Year 8 students have been learning about the lives of poor Victorian children in London about 150 years ago in our humanities lessons. The pupils took part in a Victorian lesson with a very strict Victorian teacher called Mrs Perkins. Everyone really enjoyed the experience and came back to school feeling happy that teachers in 2015 don’t use the cane!