Year 8 Visit The Globe Theatre

23rd October 2015

On Wednesday 21st October Year 8 went on a trip to The Globe Theatre as part of their Shakespeare studies in English. We started the visit with a tour of the theatre, learning a lot about its history. Amanda, our guide, told us that the Globe has actually been rebuilt twice, after the first theatre was destroyed in a fire and the second was knocked down. We also saw the stage and talked about how the paintings above the stage are named after 'Heaven', and the area under the stage is named after 'Hell'.


After exploring the theatre we went to a real actors' studio and had a drama workshop with Amanda. We practised some mime, thinking about the themes of 'love' and 'hate' in Shakespeare's play, Romeo and Juliet. Everyone learned some of Shakespeare's original language, "My only love sprung from my only hate", and talked about the characters of Tibult and Romeo. A big well done to Connor, Katie, Ayadh and Malachi, who acted out a whole scene from Romeo and Juliet.


Once we said goodbye to Amanda we walked across the Millennium Bridge (the wobbly bridge) and saw the Shard, Tower Bridge, and St.Paul's. We saw a barge going past on the River Thames, and talked about the different features of the river that we have learned about in Humanities. Although the weather was not very nice, and there were a few changes with transport, everyone was very patient and positive, and behaved brilliantly. All of the teachers were extremely proud of Year 8 for being a credit to the school.