Year 8 Invasion of the The Tower of London

11th March 2016

On Wednesday Year 8 had a fact filled and inspiring visit to  the Tower of London.


The students walked around the walls and battlements and had a bird’s eye view of the historic buildings which make up this remarkable place, such as the  famous White Tower built in 1066 by William the Conqueror, set against the very modern buildings of the Shard and the Gherkin.

After entering near Traitor’s Gate they were given a tour of the prison room in Salt Tower, which was covered in  fine  quality graffiti carved by the inmates. They were surprised to hear that some rich prisoners were  allowed to bring their own furniture, rugs and even servants with them. The group were told about two dramatic escapes made by prisoners in the 16th Century. One man climbed down from a tower using a rope which had been smuggled in a barrel of wine! They also found out that the Tower had been used to house a menagerie of wild animals, a bit like a zoo. It is most famous as the place where 22 people were executed including Ann Boleyn, Catherine Howard,  Lady Jane Grey,  Sir Thomas More and  Bishop  John Fisher.

The students saw the dazzling Crown Jewels, the huge Armoury and the beautiful Norman chapel of St John. Shane took hundreds of photographs and all students climbed up and down hundreds of steps and had a fantastic day in spite of the drizzle. Staff accompanying the students were all proud of our students’ behaviour and the way they answered  and asked so many questions.

They made the most of the chance to speak with the  Yeoman Guards and the actors dressed in period costumes.


Thank you to everyone for making this trip possible.