Year 7’s Woodrow High House Adventure - What a Great Trip!!!!

23rd March 2018

On Wednesday 7 March, Year 7 students set off to begin their first Stormont House residential adventure. Although it was raining when they left school and it rained nearly all the way back again, the group were really lucky during their stay because so many activities were out in the fresh air.

The students learnt bushcraft they built shelters in the woods, and they gathered sticks and learnt how to build and light a fire safely. On the first evening everyone sang, danced and toasted marshmallows round the campfire. After an impressively good night’s sleep, day 2 was spent tackling the rope swing challenge, giant see-saw and ‘Titanic’ task, as well as archery and an invention activity where the students had to build a device to protect a water balloon. On Thursday 8 March it was Tyshan’s 12th birthday, everyone celebrated with a cake and a disco in the evening, during which Kishone was announced winner of the musical chairs competition, in spite of Miss Driver’s best efforts to beat him!

For the final day the Year 7’s had a great indoor swimming session and a long woodland walk, where they were encouraged to use mud camouflage to blend in with the tasks; a number of brave students overcame their squeamishness to have a go. The staff at Woodrow High House were really friendly and helpful and the Year 7’s really rose to the occasion, building new friendships across the classes and encouraging each other to try new things and help each other. Well Done Year 7!