Year 7 Theatre Trip to ‘The Snowman’

1st December 2017

On Wednesday 29 November, Year 7 went on a wintery adventure into central London to watch a magical performance of ‘The Snowman’ at the Peacock Theatre.  The story was told with music and dancing, the students were amazed by the fantastic costumes. The stage was really beautiful with huge snowy trees on either side, and lovely lighting which made the show feel very Christmassy.


The students enjoyed many aspects of the performance, such as the penguins bumping their tummies together, the ballerina dancing on her tiptoes and Santa strutting his stuff. Deniz, in 7M declared that the show was ‘Very nice!’ and Harvey P loved the music. The best moment for Darryl was watching the snowman and the boy flying through the air. It was really sad when the boy found the melted snowman at the end though!


Thank you very much to Ms Driver for organising everything and well done to Year 7 for being a great audience.