Year 7 The Woodrow High House Experience

20th May 2016

On Wednesday 18 May Year 7 students spent three days and two nights at Woodrow High House in Buckinghamshire where they had a wonderful time doing a variety of activities. They had fun learning how to shoot an arrow during archery and were very supportive of each other during the low ropes activity, many showed bravery and courage conquering their fears to cross the rope bridge.


The students  unanimously agreed that although they loved all of the activities their favourites were swimming, learning how to make a fire and the campfire. At the campfire meet they sang songs, told jokes, ate toasted marshmallows and laughed a lot! They also liked dressing up for the disco and showing off their dance moves.


During this residential holiday the students  bonded with each other across the class groups. They demonstrated kindness and consideration and an increased capacity for patience and understanding.  All in all it was a very successful trip. On Thursday 19 Mrs Napier and Ms Christie took Aesha, T’Raj, Niccole and Bradley to experience a day at Woodrow - they had a wonderful time being with their friends.


Ms Motin, Ms Cross, Ms Wosiak, Ms Andrysewicz, Mr Calvin and Mr Ramphul would all like to congratulate the Year 7 students on the completion of the annual Woodrow High House residential.