Year 7 Explore Paradise Wildlife Park

6th July 2018

All of the students in 7M and 7D went to Paradise Wildlife Park on Thursday 21 June, everyone said a HUGE thank you to Gaby in 7M for taking them all to the Park as she had decided to use her Jack Petchey Award money to pay for the journey. Staff and students had a brilliant time searching for Dinosaurs in the Lost World and seeing if they could make the alligator wake up! The students watched the tiger being fed, decided they were not as fast as the cheetahs, laughed when the meerkats rolled over to sunbathe and saw the piranhas and snakes hiding in the tropical rainforest. It was a brilliant day out. Year 7 would recommend a visit to Paradise Wildlife Park in the summer holidays. If you would like to find out more information visit Thank you Gaby.