Year 12 ‘On the Slide’ with UK’s First Gladiator Champion

22nd January 2016

Since the beginning of the Spring term the Year 12 students have been experiencing a new and different sport to Stormont House School ‘Weininger Resistance Sliding’. The sessions are being taught by Weininger Irwin who was the UK’s first Gladiator Champion - (Gladiator’s was a TV programme which began in 1992).


We have purchased 12 sliding boards so the Year 12’s can experience this effective form of sports activity, sliding is low impact and requires no jumping, only the use of your core, hamstrings, gluteal muscles and quads to move you forward and back through moves such as seated slides, partner-pulling and sliding squats.

The Year 12 students have found this activity to be very strenuous - they definitely know that they have done a work out when the session is completed.


Mr Hajdrych will use the boards with the other classes at a later stage in the term.