Year 12 Celebration Event

29th June 2018
On Friday 22 June 2018 our wonderful Year 12 students said farewell to Stormont House School in a very emotional Leavers Celebration. The celebration was attended by parents / carers, professionals who have worked with the Year 12’s, as well as students from Year 7 and 8. The students were presented with their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Awards, their class yearbooks and school reports. The well-deserved recipient of The Trailblazer Award for outstanding leadership qualities and exceeding expectations was Joshua. The audience were also treated to amazing musical performances by Joe, Tekia, Joshua, Kevin, Niccole from Year 9 and a music video created by Malik.We are very sad to see Year 12 leave but we know that they are ready for their next step to adulthood. All the students know that although they may have left the school building, Stormont House School will continue to support them in all their future endeavours and be there for them in their times of need. Well done Year 12 and good luck!