Year 12 Cake Sale – Enterprise Project

14th June 2019

Year 12 have been preparing as part of their ‘Enterprise’ lessons to organise a cake stall where they would be selling cakes that they had made themselves both in school and at home.

On Monday 10 June the students spent the afternoon with Ms Napier and Ms Tripp making and decorating chocolate cupcakes and gingerbread biscuits. Many students went home after school and continued to bake with their parents ready for the sale the next day.

All of the Year 12’s were ready on Tuesday 11 June, to set up their stall ready for the rush of students and staff who would be racing to buy their cakes at break time. The Year 12’s acted as an amazing team, all of them were prepared to undertake the roles they had been given.

There were so many cakes to buy that at 1.10 after lunch the Year 12’s had to set their stall out again to sell their remaining cakes.

The cake sale was a fantastic success – the Year 12’s would like to thank all of the staff and parents / carers who donated cakes and biscuits for the event. The sale raised a total of £75.70 some of the money will be donated to a local charity which will be selected by the students and the rest will be put towards funding the Year 12 Leavers party. Well Done Year 12.