Year 11 Leavers Week Fun

23rd June 2017

Our Year 11 students have had a very busy week in their final full week at Stormont House as Year 11s. On Monday 19 June the group all went to Thorpe Park in Surrey on what was one of the hottest days of the year. Mr Mole stated that everyone had great fun, the first ride that they went on when they got to the park was called ‘Tidal Wave’, all the students and staff were completely drenched in seconds, but because it was so hot they were dry in no time at all.

The students got to go on 4/5 rides each and the general consensus from everyone was that it had been a great day. The group did not return to school until 8.30pm, so a very long day. Thank you to Mr Mole, Mr Ramphul, Ms Kaur, Mr Karema and Ms Gray-Christie for accompanying the students on the trip.

On Tuesday 20 June the students were taken to the Vue Cinema at Angel Islington. They were given the choice of two films to watch - The Mummy with Tom Cruise and Pirates of the Caribbean - Salazar’s Revenge which starred Johnny Depp. The films were a great hit and enjoyed by everyone. The students returned to Hackney Downs and had their lunch in the park, making the most of the wonderful weather.

On Wednesday 21 June the students were taken to a Turkish restaurant in Dalston called ‘The Red Art Café’, each student was able to have a main course and a drink of their choice. The trip was a huge success with everyone enjoying themselves immensely.