Year 10 You’re Hired!!!

8th February 2019

Since the beginning of January Year 10 have been preparing for their first steps in to the world of work. Students have been working towards internal work placements for various jobs within school. In preparation for this students have been learning how to apply for a job, practising good interview technique and learning how to dress to impress for an interview. On Thursday 31 January it was clear all of Year 10’s hard work and preparation had paid off.

Every student in Year 10 arrived very smartly dressed and definitely were ready to impress their interviewers. Our interviewers on the day were Beatrice Andrews our Careers Link Governor, Grainne Hylton the school’s Business Manager and Kevin McDonnell our Headteacher. The students took it turn to be interviewed making sure to knock on the door before entering. Some students were extremely nervous and others quietly confident but all of them managed to complete their interview, feeling very proud at the end of the process.

After all the interviews had taken place the Year 10’s were informed by the interviewers that they had all done very well and would be hearing soon whether they were successful in being hired. Well Done Year 10! Fingers crossed you will all be hired.