Year 10 Visit the Geffrye Museum - Art Trip

4th December 2015

On 2nd December Year 10 went to visit The Geffrye Museum to get ideas for their ‘Celebrity Room’ BTEC project.  Before they left, the students had already planned their journey on the Transport for London website and had some ideas of what they wanted to photograph when they got to the museum. When they arrived, Year 10 walked through the museum taking photographs of objects and rooms. In particular, Ibrahim and Jordell did a great job of getting some close up shots! 

After lunch, some of Year 10 did drawings of different pieces of furniture that interested them. Ty did a great drawing of a 1990s bookcase!

Founded in 1914, the Geffrye Museum’s main focus is the living rooms of the urban middle classes in England, particularly London. The museum is named after Sir Robert Geffrye, a former Lord Mayor of London and Master of the Ironmongers' Company, it is located on Kingsland Road in Shoreditch. The museum is housed in the Grade I-listed almshouses of the Ironmongers' Company, which was built in 1714.

The museum presents a series of period rooms which show how homes have been used and furnished over the past 400 years, they reflect the changes in society, style, fashion and taste.