Year 10 - Boulogne-sur-Mer – Experiencing French Culture

15th July 2016

On Monday 4th July Year 10 students embarked on their most ambitious school journey yet.  After a long journey including a train trip under the channel the group arrived in the ancient French town of Boulogne-sur-Mer. By the end of the first day the students had played on the beach and swam in the sea!  The next morning the students tried out their French buying presents at a French hypermarket, in the afternoon they braved the high tide at windy Wimereux, a seaside town just north of Boulogne to book a restaurant for the Tuesday evening.

The students enjoyed spending Tuesday afternoon at Nausicaa, the biggest aquarium in Europe. They were able to get a true sense of marine exploration and an insight into the riches of the sea and the threats facing marine life. An amazing fact was learnt on the trip that Sea Lions are able to read - who knew! Whilst at the aquarium the group were surprised by a visit from the mentors from Williams Lea who had made a special journey over to France to spend some time with Year 10.

In the evening the group returned to Wimereux with the mentors, the sun and tide were out revealing miles of golden sand. The group enjoyed a leisurely meal with the mentors at a sea front restaurant and then played on the beach, skimming stones and trying to limbo dance as the sun began to set.

On Wednesday Year 10 set out to experience a little French culture by visiting the town market in the centre of Boulogne they experienced the sights and smells of a very traditional French market selling everything from fruit and vegetables to speciality cheeses. The afternoon was spent relaxing in Wimereux, swimming, sunbathing and even a trying a little surfing!

For many of the group Thursday was the highlight of the trip, a day at the water park of Aqualud in the pretty seaside town of LeTouquet. There was so much to do including water slides, spa pools and the wave machine and by the evening everyone was ready for the evening meal back in the medieval walled old town of Boulogne. By Friday afternoon Year 10 were back at school, bringing memories and the sand of the French coast back to Stormont House School.