Woodrow High House 2017

26th May 2017

Year 7 set off for their residential journey to Woodrow High House on Wednesday 17 May - although the weather was inclement the spirits of the students and staff were incredibly high. They were all very excited to get to the centre and start their activities.

The students were met by their group leader who explained about the array of activities she had in store for the 3 day residential they included: Scavenger Hunt / Mini Beast Hunt / Shelterbuilding / Drop It Pop It (students in groups had to make a container and parachute for an egg which was then dropped from the external staircase - the winner was the group whose egg didn’t break on impact) / Low Ropes / Archery / Parachute Games / Swimming and Rocket Building. All of the students engaged well in all of the activities - pushing their boundaries, undertaking activities that they had never tried before.

On Thursday 18 May Ms Motin and Ms Keavy visited the centre to see how the group were doing - they were very pleased that the group were so engaged and getting along with each other on what for some was their first residential away from home.

Mrs Napier and Ms Clements took Adrian, Vedel, Adama and Mo to the centre on Thursday 18 May so that they could experience going on a residential and spending time with their peers.

Ms Driver and Ms Carter were amazed by the energy of the Year 7’s - this was evident in the evening activities - in the disco where the students danced the night away and at the campfire where they enjoyed making s’mores (with digestive biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows).

Well Done Year 7.