Welcome Back! A Message from the Headteacher

9th September 2016

Hello everybody! We’ve had a terrific start back at school, with everyone settled into their new classes and beginning to make progress from where they left off. A big welcome in particular to our new Year 7s, who seem to be managing the change to a new school very well indeed. I expect that there will be one or two teething problems along the way, but thank you to all parents and carers for making the start to term so successful. 


Congratulations to all Year 11 students on their examination results and the way that they have approached the next steps in their education. We had a very high pass rate in exams ranging from Entry Level 1 to GCSE grade C. The second year of our Sixth Form also went very well indeed and soon we’ll report on where these students have progressed. It’s very popular as students have the benefit of being at Stormont for 3 days per week and at college or a training provider for the other 2, which is very exciting for staff and students alike!  Last year we also introduced the Duke of Edinburgh Award for the first time and it was wonderful to see the development in our students’ practical skills, confidence and team-working boosted even further.  This year’s practice expedition is only a few weeks away, so let’s hope for decent weather for the hike and overnight camp! A special word of congratulations to the new Year 12 Students themselves, who really look the part in their smart clothes, ID badges and entry passes.


I’m sure that you will join me in welcoming Ms Wallis as our new Art & Design Subject Leader (10W form tutor), Ms Matthews who will be in charge of Maths (8M form tutor), Ms L’Episcopo - Maths teacher (9L form tutor)and Mr Holding as Food Technology teacher. I am very pleased that they have joined the team and you will meet them soon.


Very shortly your child’s form tutors will be writing to you to introduce themselves. If you have any questions or concerns about your child, the form tutor is usually your first point of contact. The best way to get a message to them is to ring Rima Begum on Reception on 020 8985 4245 or email info@stormonthouse.hackney.sch.uk .


I look forward to a successful new term!