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Visible Learning at Stormont House School

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Visible Learning has been central to our improvement as a school and continues to be one of the 3 key strategic priorities in our School Development Plan

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Our teachers use Visible Learning Impact Cycles to increase their impact on learning

There are five main stages in an Impact Cycle

  1. What are my students’ learning needs? - Gathering evidence
  2. What are my learning needs in relation to these student needs? - focused professional development
  3. Plan the changes you will make
  4. Implement change
  5. Monitor and evaluate impact of action
Or put, more simply

Here are some ‘real-life’ examples of our teachers’ Visible Learning Impact Cycles. They were written to evaluate and then improve the teacher’s own impact in the chosen area rather than with publication in mind! In response to requests from other schools, we are sharing them in a collegial spirit, mindful that they weren’t written for an external audience and haven’t been ‘spruced up’ in any way at all! 

1. Do students understand what they are learning rather than what they are doing

2. Effective Feedback - What do learners understand by 'feedback'

3. Physical Education - Mindframes

4. The Visible Learning Classroom - Communicating Understanding

5. The Visible Learning Classroom - Response to Failure

6. What Makes a Good Learner

7. What Makes a Good Reader

Other Evaluations of Impact: Developing leaders’ capacity to evaluate what works best

We have used our understanding of Professor John Hattie’s ‘Effect Size’ to evaluate the impact of our key maths intervention programmes, which are funded by the Pupil Premium Grant and Year 7 Catch-up Grant

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