Travel Training

11th March 2016

Hackney SEND Travel Assistance Service will be contacting Parents / carers shortly re: the possibility of students undertaking independent travel training.

Travel training young people brings many benefits in addition to the ability to travel at least one journey independently. General safety and awareness, and learning coping strategies are only the beginning. Communication skills, telling the time and time management are all improved with Travel Training. The practical use of literacy and numeracy skills are developed as the training progresses.

The independence developed through travel training increases self esteem and self confidence along with self reliance. It produces a feeling of independence which can lead to the development of a can do attitude and give more personal control to young people’s lives.

Travel Training offers the prospect of improved practical skills and increased personal development which can impact far beyond the ability to travel to school or college unaccompanied.  Indeed it is the case that a young person would benefit from travel training even if ultimately they were not assessed as able to travel to school independently.