Transport for London - Youth Travel Ambassadors

21st December 2016

STARS is a TfL accreditation programme for schools that encourages children, parents and teachers to adopt more sustainable and safer ways of travelling to school. Since 2007, accreditation to STARS has grown from 180 schools to 1,475 in 2015. Schools are judged on the number of initiatives delivered and their success in changing travel behaviour with Bronze, Silver and Gold accreditation levels.

Stormont House has achieved the Silver accreditation level this year due to the hard work of the youth travel ambassadors who have promoted safer travel around Stormont House School.

The elections for TfL Youth Travel Ambassadors took place this week. The TfL Ambassadors for 2016/17 are:

7D           Shay

7M         Tallulah

8A           Kelvin 

8M         Nicole

9C           Malachi

9L            Lauren

10F         Finley

10W       Brett

11M       Joe D

11P         Jordell

12C         Freddie