The World of Work

9th December 2016

On Wednesday 7 December Year 10 undertook their internal work experience interviews, they have been preparing with their mentors from Williams Lea Ltd since the middle of September 2016. Each one of the students has had to select a job that they would like to undertake for a year in school. The range of jobs includes: Lunch Duty Assistant / Library Assistant / Teaching Assistant/ ICT Assistant / ICT Gaming Assistant / Art Assistant / Music Assistant / DT Assistant/ PE Assistant / Science Assistant and Fruit Break Assistant. The students have gone through the process of applying for their job and creating their own CV. In the weeks before the interviews took place the students have looked at interview techniques and how to answer questions about their prospective roles.


The students had been given practice questions on Tuesday 6 December so they could undertake some last minute practice sessions with their parents / carers before the interviews took place. On Wednesday morning all of the students came into school fully prepared in very smart clothes, although nervous the students took the process in their stride and came out feeling happy that they had successfully accomplished the task.


The mentors from Williams Lea made the following comments:-

“The student was very well prepared.” / “He knew the role totally and was looking forward to helping other students.” / “Very caring nature - Great had obviously prepared and made a real effort with her answers.” / “The student answered the questions with passion and understanding, they answered with honest and refreshing answers.”


Well Done to all of the students in Year 10 you all did brilliantly. The process was summed up by Finley who when asked why he wanted the job answered:

“I want the job because it’s just me.”