The Woodrow High House Experience

29th March 2019

On Wednesday 6th March, Year 7 set off for their first Stormont House residential trip. They took a coach all the way to Amersham to stay for two nights at Woodrow High House and even though it was rather wet and windy for most of the stay, the students bravely made the effort to take part in all the activities, cheering each other on, competing, dancing and even rising to the challenge of room inspections!

The students learnt how to build shelters in the woods and helped each other carry sticks and branches, in spite of the horror of getting muddy hands, they put their hand-eye coordination to the test and braved the drizzle to compete at Archery. On the first evening everyone sang and tried to gain membership to the Moon Club (the secret code was ‘Please!’) they told terrible jokes, solved riddles and ate toasted marshmallows around the campfire. After a well-earned, night’s sleep, day 2 was spent building rafts in teams and later testing them in the swimming pool. As a group Year 7 made a lot of noise and had a great time playing ‘Cat & Mouse’ and ‘Fruit Salad’ parachute games, using a huge, multi-coloured parachute silk. In the evening everyone had a disco and a group dance off, as well as a highly competitive game of musical chairs – Well done, Kervel for winning the disco crown, in spite of being squished by weaselling teachers!

For the final day the students all had the opportunity to brave the high ropes and hats off to Alisha for climbing higher than anyone else in the group – you inspired Mr Calvin and Ms Swaffield to have a go too! The instructors at Woodrow High House were super-patient and helpful and the Year 7s really rose to the occasion, working together, overcoming their homesickness and really encouraging each other. Well done to everyone for joining in and a huge THANK YOU to all the staff who helped make the trip possible!