The Apollo Orchestra Experience

13th July 2018

All of the Year 8 students at Stormont House have benefited enormously from visits by the Apollo Orchestra over the Summer Term. We have been visited by musicians from the brass, woodwind, string and percussion sections, each brought their own wealth of expertise and communicated their love of their instruments as well as a sense of playing as a group. They explained how their instruments produced sound and how the sounds change and alter. An excellent example of this was a demonstration of how to play the garden hose and funnel. Every student thoroughly embraced the experience of working with the orchestra. The Apollo musicians really enjoy visiting Stormont House as the students respond amazingly. In the percussion work shop students were fascinated to see and use instruments made from “junk plastic”. The final session was from the conductor of the orchestra, all the students used a baton, and some of the students joined the conductor at the front of the class copying his every movement.

Lula said " It was the most fantastic thing I have ever done. I want to be a conductor. I really do", Lula was seen conducting and copying the conductor's gestures throughout the whole concert at the Hackney Empire. The concert at Hackney Empire was the culmination of all of the five visits at Stormont. The orchestra played music by Brahms and Mendelssohn to an audience of 1,250 children, teachers and parents who all listened intently to the live full symphony orchestra. Ms Cross has already organised for the orchestra to visit Stormont House next year. Well Done Year 8