Student Voice – A New School Council

1st February 2019

On Friday, 23rd January, the first School Council meeting took place for 2019! It was attended by the Key Stage 4 Representatives who are going to take the lead on holding the elections for the Year 7 Reps! D’yah and Kelvin will be encouraging students to be on the lookout for those who will represent Year 7 well. A good Rep is –

  • a good communicator, able to work with staff and students from across the school
  • a good listener – as everyone in the class has to feel comfortable to share their views
  • assertive and approachable – in meetings with other students and adults, the opinions of Form Groups are just as important as everyone else’s
  • brave enough to speak in front of older students, in front of other adults, and in front of the assembly
  • efficient, class discussions must cover a lot of issues in a short space of time
  • fair, allowing everyone to express a view
  • organised, to make sure meetings happen in Tutor Time on a regular basis

Our School Council follows the ‘Smart School Council’ model which is designed to encourage all our students to share their ideas and views on how to make our school an even better place for everyone to be. This will happen in short, focused meetings run in Tutor Time – and everyone will have the chance to be part of an Action Team, taking good ideas forward and making them a reality.

So, everyone, start generating those ideas! Parents and staff are welcome to contribute, too.

Once we have established our full team of School Council Reps, from Year 7 to Year 12 they will be introduced formally in Assembly, and in the ‘Stormont House School Matters’ newsletter.

The students will be able to see School Council news on the School Council Progress Board which will be located in the Dining Room. This will allow everyone in the school to see:

  • What the School Council is working on
  • What ‘Action Teams’ are set up
  • What the ‘Action Teams’ are doing
  • Who students should talk to in order to get involved
  • What the hold ups are
  • What is “off-limits” and what has been achieved