Stormont House’s Youth Travel Ambassadors

6th February 2015

In October 2014 Stormont became a part of an active travel programme called EU Stars. We chose 12 students who were interested in promoting active travel at school to become Youth Travel Ambassadors. For the last three months they have been having meetings to discuss the travel issues we have here at school. Throughout January our Ambassadors have been working hard to prepare for a pitch event called Campaign Junction. They produced a film and a PowerPoint presentation to persuade four judges from the business community to invest in a project to promote active travel at Stormont.

On Wednesday 28 January, 10 of our Ambassadors delivered their presentation at the Arcola theatre to a room full of other Youth Travel Ambassadors and the four judges. Their presentation was so good they secured the £200 investment they wanted plus an extra £100 contingency fund.