Stormont House’s EU Stars Youth Travel Ambassadors

15th May 2015

In October 2014 Stormont became a part of an active travel programme called EU Stars. We chose 12 students who were interested in promoting active travel at school to become Youth Travel Ambassadors. Since October the ambassadors have been having meetings and workshops to plan an Active Travel Day which took place on Friday 8 May 2015.


The event was kicked off by our ambassadors who delivered an assembly to the whole school to introduce the day and what it was all about. Their introduction was followed by a quiz on active travel which was great fun. Then the BMX rider that the ambassadors had booked to perform did a showcase full of tricks which everyone really enjoyed.


To continue the healthy theme the Youth Travel Ambassadors served an array of exotic fruit at break, from Papaya to Dragon fruit. After break the whole school took part in different workshops. These included a Road Safety workshop, an Independent Travel workshop led by Transport for London, Cycle training, the Smoothie Bike challenge, Rowing and Bleep test competitions, Road Safety poster making and an Art workshop about how pupils travel to school.


The day was a big success for the Youth Travel Ambassadors who have worked hard all year to make this happen. We would also like to thank all the external exhibitors who attended the event and contributed to the day.

Well done to our Youth Travel Ambassadors and everyone who took part!