Stormont House School Rules

29th January 2016

Dear Parents/Carers

We need your help! Most of our students are happy to wear appropriate school uniform and follow the clear rules about hats, coats, phones, gum etc. A small number, though, are not doing this well and need to make some changes to either their uniform, or how they respond when asked to follow the school rules.


Today (Friday 29 Janaury 2016) we have reminded all students about these school rules and that we will be reinforcing them very strongly over the coming weeks.


We will be carrying out checks from Monday 1 February 2016. Please contact the school if there is a difficulty with your child being in appropriate uniform on  Monday. Sixth formers do not wear uniform but have a smart dress code; we expect sixth formers to follow this code.


If there is a one-off problem with school uniform we will contact you. Repeat offenders may need to be sent home to change into appropriate uniform or parents may need to collect them from school if not an independent traveller.


Similarly, students who do not hand phones in, or wear headphones or hats, trainers in school may have those items confiscated, as would be the case with any inappropriate item. Depending on the frequency of the problem, and student response to the rule being enforced, parents/ carers may need to collect the confiscated items rather than them be handed back to the student.


A final bugbear is coats and gloves. Once in school, students do not need to carry them between lessons and certainly are not allowed to wear them in school. This also applies to any non-uniform outer layer; hoodies etc.

Mr McDonnell (Headteacher)