Stormont House School Council

23rd January 2015

The School Council met for their first meeting this term on Friday 16 January 2015. The council members are:

Year 7                    Lesny and Nanak

Year 8                    Finley and Patrick

Year 9                    Lily and Titus

Year 10                 Jorge and Lorell

Year 11                 Jordan and Nikita

Year 12                 George and Shannon


Their agenda for these meetings included:

  • Equipment for break times
  • Wet play arrangements
  • Jack Petchey Wish List
  • Reward Outings
  • Training for school council members

The first project which the school council will lead on is formulating new rules for break times and the use of equipment at these times.


p.s Thank you to Titus (9M) who stood in for Kevin who was absent