Sports Day Extravaganza 2016 (Despite the Rain)

22nd July 2016

On Tuesday 12 July Stormont House held its annual sports day, the day did not go exactly to plan as the weather was very variable (mostly wet). But school spirit shone through and the students and staff made the most of the day.

 The morning events consisted of a cricket competition on the Downs and problem solving activities in the sports hall, each of the 6 teams competed against one another. Mr Hajdrych organised a special treat, the students were able to make their own fruit smoothies on two smoothie bikes throughout the day. The afternoon activities had to be changed due to the weather and the normal races that would have taken place were changed to the following events - penalty shoot out, basketball hoops, standing jump and the tug of war. The tug of war was by far the most popular event, where students showed fantastic determination and great team spirit.

The final results were 1st place - Maroon team / 2nd place - Purple team / 3rd = - Yellow and Green team / 5th place - Red team / 6th place - Blue team. The maroon team was made up of Jordell, Joshua, Joe, Marcel, Levi (Yr 9), Molly, Sandra, Holly, Nadia, Bradley, Vijay, Moses and James. Mr Hajdrych would like to congratulate everyone. It was a very successful day.