Sporting News

24th March 2015

Hackney Paragames

London Youth Tennis and Boccia Competions


On Tuesday the 10th of March, our school reperesented Hackney in The Paragames London Youth Tennis Competition, which was held in Westway Sport Centre.

It was a very hard competition, but our team ( Shanice Y9, Owen Y7, Kevin Y9,Victoria Y8 and Lilly Y9) did very well and they finished in third place after a very long battle with 17 other teams from different boroughs.

On Thursday 12 March our school also represented Hackney in The Paragames Boccia Competition which was held at the University of East London. Our team Lorell, Joe  and Connor all in Year 10 did very well and even got through to the quarter finals.  This was the first time we ever gor through to this stage.  

Well done to all for such a great effort and amazing improvement.

Congratulations to all team members!