Sporting News

19th June 2015

Balfour Beatty London Youth Games

The Balfour Beatty London Youth Games is Europe's largest youth sports festival.  It’s a season of events taking place over 9 months including both School and Community Competitions across 30 different sports. The competitions are part of the national School Games Programme.  A total of 32 boroughs compete against each other.


London Youth Games /Tennis took place on Thusday 10th March 2015 at West Way Sports Centre (Shepherds Bush).

The team Kevin, Shaniece, Owen, Victoria and Lily won Bronze medal across all boroughs in London!!


London Youth Games/Boccia took place on Thursday 12th March 2015 at Redbridge Sports Centre.

For the first time ever our team of Lorell, Joe and Connor managed to get to the quarter finals!


Stormont House took part in: London Youth Games in Swimming on Thursday 4th June 2015 at Beckenham Spa.

We did extremely well resulting in: Tia Yr 10 winning bronze and silver medals, Nikita Yr 11 winning 2 silver medals and Kane Yr 9 winning a silver medal. The team came second in the relay across London!


London Youth Games/Athletics

London Youth Games – Athletics took place on Wednesday 17 June 2015  at Lee Valley Athletics Centre.Boys and Girls came third in London in the overall scoring – one of the biggest successes for Hackney.  Our relay 4X100m won a gold medal and was the fastest in London. 


  1. Jordell Spence-Allen 9M, Gold in relay

  2. Shaniece Dorset-Hounslow, 9P 3 Gold medals! Long Jump, 100m Sprint and the Relay!

  3. Tekia Henderson 9M, Gold in Relay


Overall Stormont House pupils won more than 30 medals