Speech and Language Therapy Team News

7th April 2020

Message from Speech and Language Therapy Team at Stormont House School.

Due to the Corona Virus pandemic the Speech and Language Therapy team will not be working with children/young people face to face unless the need is clinically urgent. They will be making contact with you in the next few weeks via letter, email or phone call.

The SaLT team will continue to work off-site and in collaboration with Stormont House School staff.

They will be updating their website https://gethackneytalking.co.uk with ideas of ways to support your child’s language development at home during this time.

If you have questions, or would like to discuss this further, please contact your link therapist directly. If you do not have the contact details of your link therapist, please speak to your child’s form tutor who can advise further. Take care.

Stormont House School SALT team