Speech and Language Therapy at Stormont House School

13th September 2019
How SaLT works at Stormont House School:
Stormont House is a specialist provision. This means that all students have access to specialist teaching and a highly differentiated curriculum. All staff have access to in-house training provided by the SaLT Team across the school year. The SaLT team also aim to work in an integrated way with teaching staff to encourage language and communication skills to be practised and embedded throughout the school day.
What we do in School
Universal Whole School Work:
• Regular CPD/INSET training and advice for staff.
• Providing resources across the school (e.g. visual supports).
• Working collaboratively with the multi-disciplinary team with Educational Psychology, Art Therapy and the School nurse.
• Attending parents’ evenings.
• Delivering parent drop-ins/workshops (keep an eye out for dates!)
• Regular liaison with form tutors.
• Whole class sessions (working in collaboration with class teachers to support things such as emotional regulation, social communication skills and vocabulary development).
• Transition work for new students to Stormont House.
• Targeted Group Work
• Specialist Individual Work
• Annual Reviews
This academic year the SaLT team are going to trial allocating each form class a link therapist. Parents and Carers will be updated on which therapist is allocated to their child in October 2019. Jody and Megan are very keen to work with parents. If you have any queries/questions or would like to speak to them directly, please call the school, if they are not available, they will get back to you as soon as possible. The SaLT team will be available at parent’s evenings and upcoming parent sessions. Your child’s link SaLT will be in touch to introduce themselves and discuss next steps for support and intervention.