Short stories written by 7C in their English Classes

6th March 2015

Year 7 have been working hard in creating their own stories. We would like to share their work with you starting with Lauren from 7C.

Heroes and Rats

My name is Chance and I live in a sewer in London. My mum died when I was 3 months old. And my dad? No idea where my dad is. He sailed off in a ship and never came back.

I was sad but still wanted to have an adventure. I could smell dirty socks hanging up on the washing line and the wee from people weeing in the drain pipes. It was 1789 and I was tired and hungry.

“Hello little boy what are you doing down here?” said a strange voice with a lovely smell like roses in a summer morning. “I’m Chance and I’m very poor” “Well do you want to come to my house for tea? I don’t bite!” said the women “I’m Acacia by the way”

When we got there I was shy and scared. The street looked unfamiliar and smelly like old socks that hadn’t been washed for years. “Come on in dear and have a seat” said Acacia. when I walked in I was amazed! Everything looked antic and beautiful. The dining room smelled like fresh oranges straight off of the tree. I sat down and she handed me some biscuits. “So why are you out in the streets?” asked Acacia. “My mum died when I was 3 months old and my dad is nowhere to be seen” I began to say when all of a sudden, a dog appeared. “Oh his name is Useless and he sort of lives up to his name.

Ten minutes later I said “I’d better be going now I’ve got to live my boring live in a sewer” and began to get up “you can live with me if you want, I’ll take you to the nearest orphanage, it’s very good there.” Said Acacia.

The next day I packed up my stuff, my teddy bear and my coat.

To be continued… As written by Lauren in 7