Shakespeare Schools Festival

7th October 2016

This year Stormont House School are proud to announce that both 7M and 7D will be performing in the esteemed Shakespeare Schools Festival, which uses the unique power of Shakespeare to transform lives. Over 1000 schools across the country are taking part in the world’s largest youth drama festival, performing in professional theatres. Our performance of The Tempest takes place on Wednesday 16th November at Stratford Circus Theatre, and booking is now open through the theatre.

Ms. Motin and Ms. Driver are hard at work with Year 7  writing, rehearsing, and producing their own version of Shakespeare’s The Tempest. This is an exciting opportunity for our students to engage in cross-curricular activities to gain a deep understanding of both the context and content of the play. As well as studying The Tempest in English lessons, students will make costumes and have drama workshops during expressive arts, and study the Tudors and William Shakespeare in Humanities. PSHCE lessons will focus on the social and emotional skills students develop as a result of working together on this project.

Shakespeare Schools Festival works with special and mainstream schools around the UK. By empowering children to perform Shakespeare using adapted scripts and rehearsal guidelines, parents and teachers have seen the incredible impact the festival has had on the lives of many children. For more success stories, visit the SSF website:

On Wednesday Year 7 visited the Globe Theatre to support their work on The Tempest and William Shakespeare. The children were shown around the theatre and watched some actors in rehearsal on the stage. They took part in a workshop with an actor from the Shakespeare Company to support their Shakespeare in Schools Tempest production. It was a fantastic experience and gave the children some great ideas to add into their performance of The Tempest.