Year 12 Duke of Edinburgh Practice Expedition

27th September 2019

Following an onsite camp craft training day with H5 Adventure, Year 12 students were ready to take on their first Duke of Edinburgh challenge; the practice expedition.  This included an overnight camp, cooking their own food and a lot of walking. 


The students had to plan, train for and complete an expedition through their own physical effort and with minimal intervention from adults. Their expedition started at the Biker cafe in Epping Forest where from this point they had to use their orienteering skills to navigate their way to Gilwell Park Scout Camp using a map and compass, while carrying their rucksacks with supplies for their long walk. Although the weather forecast was rain, the students were in luck. The sun came out, the ground was dry, and the students were so happy that some even broke out into song.


Once the students arrived at camp, they put up their own tents, cooked their own evening meal and braved the night in their tents. On Thursday morning, after a little rain in the night, they had to pack up camp and make their way to Queen Elizabeth’s Hunting Lodge which marked the end of their practice expedition. They then travelled back to school by train from Chingford Station. 


This year’s practice expedition was the best expedition the school have had so far. The group showed excellent team work, compassion for those who struggled and all with a lot of laughter. The school are immensely proud of all the students who attended.


The Year 12’s will have to do this all over again and complete their qualifying expedition in May 2020 making sure they use what they have learnt on their practice expedition. We have no doubt that they will all pass with flying colours.


Well done Year 12!