All students at Stormont House School take the AQA Entry Level Certificate in Science. Throughout year 10 and 11 there are three topics of study and for each of these students will complete a piece of practical coursework and take an exam. The three topics of study are:

  • The human body – where pupils will learn about the physiology of the body as well as how it performs all the jobs it needs to

  • Elements, mixtures and compounds – where pupils will learn all about what matter is made from and how we can join or separate it

  • Energy, forces and the structure of matter – where pupils will learn all about the forces that govern nature and the flow of energy throughout our universe


The BBC bitesize website can help students to keep on track for their Entry Level Certificate.


Moving into Year 11 some students may sit the AQA Chemistry GCSE, which involves both theory and practical work, studying the fundamental aspects of chemistry such as atomic structure, bonding and the properties of matter."