School Uniform Reminder

16th September 2015

Boys:                     Dark grey school trousers

Girls:                     Dark grey school skirt or dark grey school trousers

Boys and Girls:

White school shirt or

plain white polo shirt

Dark green (bottle green) sweat shirt with school logo or

dark green (bottle green) v neck jumper with school logo.

Black shoes

  • A suitable outdoor coat, which must be removed in lesson and assemblies.

  • Religious clothing e.g. headscarves and salwar kameez must be plain black or grey


Sports/PE Kit:

Boys and Girls:  White tee shirt

                                Plain black or grey jogging trousers


Optional track suit (plain balck or grey)

Swimming costume/trunks and googles if required

Please note: items with the school logo must be purchased via Tesco. To Place your order online please go to 


  • select Kids Clothing from the left hand side of the screen
  • select Uniform Embroidery service
  • Select Hackney from the Local Education Authority then Stormont House School
  • Click on Shop Now to be taken to the page with our uniform where you can choose the items and sizes you require.


We are aware that there have been issues with delays on the Teso website, we have been informed that they are trying to rectify this problem.


We do have a limited amunt of jumpers in limited sizes please enquire at reception on availability.


Dinner Money

Dinner money is payable on a Monday and is £1.90 per day or £9.50 per week. Please ensure that your childs name is marked clearly on the envelope with the amount that is enclosed.